• “Ms. Mandel been cited for her work with clients at all developmental stages” and “for leadership within her profession.” – Professor and Colleague (Therapist)
  • “throughout extremely difficult and varied cases her work has maintained the highest level of excellence.” – Clinical Director
  • “Ms. Mandel “is especially strong in designing interventions and strategies and has been able to help students meet their potential.” “She worked to help students understand their own learning styles, to advocate for their own needs, and supported them to sustain their motivation through academic and social challenges. – High School Headmaster
  • “She has the courage, fortitude and character to advocate appropriately for services that students need in order to make academic, social and emotional progress.” – Core Evaluation Team Chair


  • “Ms. Mandel teaches me different methods and strategies of how to solve problems. Working with her has helped me a lot at school. She is very nice and has really helped me improve my skills.” – Fifth grade student, aged 10
  • “I was not born in this country so understanding my school work was very hard. I also have learning problems. Ms. Mandel was able to explain things to me in very clear language so I could understand. She used games, special math materials as well as computer programs to help me. When I struggled in my classes and was unhappy, Ms. Mandel helped me understand the new topics in a different way and I did much better. She helped my teachers understand me better and I felt good about myself. She encouraged me when I needed to work harder. My relationship with Ms. Mandel is very important to me. She understood my feelings when I was upset and helped me make better decisions. Because of her, my reading, math and writing really improved.” – High School Graduate


  • “When I first met Dorothy Mandel about 6 years ago, I was frustrated and at my wits’ end. My son, then in sixth grade, had just gone through an evaluation at school and was diagnosed with ADHD, OCD, anxiety, learning disabilities in several areas, along with difficulties in organization and informational processing. He was behind in class and hated going to school because he couldn’t achieve. Just within the first month of working with Michael, Dorothy raised his confidence level. She used a variety of methods including specialized software for academic support, enabled him to have his textbooks downloaded into his computer with audio access, and used visual aids and manipulates. Dorothy’s help and effort made a huge difference in how my son progressed at school. He became more involved and interested in his subject matter. Dorothy had the ability to figure out how Michael could best learn, and feel better about himself. Then she was able to show us how to advocate for Michael. Through her coaching we developed better relationships with school personnel, obtained further services, and received more support from the administration and his teachers. I don’t know how we would have gotten through Michael’s emotional functioning and learning disorders without her help. She was literally a blessing from heaven.” – Parent
  • “It took my wife and I a long time—8 or 9 years—to realize that our very bright 15-year old needed help learning how to learn. He’s very intelligent, but has some processing issues that hold him back. His grades and interest in school have been declining. Like many parents, we thought he was either lazy, didn’t have enough “stick-to-it-iveness” or just plain didn’t care. We were all unhappy. Working intensively with our son—and us, too—Ms Mandel has enabled him to make encouraging progress by establishing better, more effective work habits and having him take greater ownership of his education. Our teenage son’s natural curiosity and enthusiasm are now re-emerging and his grades are improving, too! While there’s still a ways to go, we’re already a happier, more supportive family. It’s never too late—we now believe there’s a brighter future.” -Parent


  • “I am a licensed teacher in the special needs area and worked as a paraprofessional with Dorothy Mandel for 3 years. Dorothy taught me specific skills that I use in my work everyday with children. She actually taught me how to understand children, how they relate to their environment, and how they connect to their world. I am a more effective and receptive teacher, and a better human being, for her training. I always know that behind a behavior there is a reason for it, and I have to find out what it is. I treat every student as a unique individual, I listen to them, and try to understand what changes they have to make to go forward.” – Master’s Level Graduate Student in Special Needs’ Education